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Cornell Fracture Group

The CFG members include Profs. Tony Ingraffea and Derek Warner, and their research associates, graduate students, and post-docs. The mission of the Cornell Fracture Group is to create, to verify, and to validate computational simulation systems for fracture control in engineered systems. We have included some tutorial and demo simulations to illustrate some of the features and capabilities of the simulators. An equally important focus of the group is education at all levels.  Our current and past research has focused on both experimental testing and numerical simulation of fatigue and fracture in a variety of materials, from the quantum to the engineered structure length scales. The research has been documented and cited in a number of theses, conference proceedings, reports, and journal articles.


Software Releases and Updates

bulletComputational Material Modeling Toolset Pamphlet
bulletIf you are looking for the next generation of FRANC3D software - FRANC3D Version 6.0 - go to www.fracanalysis.com.

NOTE: we try to test all links and all versions of all codes, but if you find a problem - please send us email.



If you download and use the software made available here, please read the Policy Statement on the Software page.  Also please read the News&FAQs if you have trouble using the software, especially CYGWIN executables.  We will attempt to answer questions or fix problems in the software, but we are not obligated to provide such service. If you do ask for help with a particular problem, please provide as much detail as possible including input files, drawings, etc.  The software that is provided here is intended for people with experience in fracture mechanics and boundary or finite elements.  Please do not ask us for items that are not made available here - these types of requests will likely be ignored.


CFG Highlights

bulletBrett Davis presented his work, Simulation of Arbitrary Delamination Growth in Composite Structures Using the Virtual Crack Extension Method, at the 27th Technical Conference of the American Society for Composites held in Arlington, Texas, October 1-3, 2012.
bulletAlbert Cerrone presented his work at EMI/PMC 2012 in Notre Dame, IN and at MMM2012 in Biopolis, Singapore.  More Info
bulletThe CFG is hosting (or has hosted) several visiting researchers over the past year, including:  Aida Nonn, Silvia Corbani, Niko Weber, Markos Oliveira Freitas, Joaquim Calvacante, Giovanni Zizioli and Israel Garcia. 

Synthetic microstructure of a nickel-based superalloy.


Left: Large-scale, cracked, airframe substructure loaded to failure (tested at Alcoa).

Right: Plastic-strain fields near propagating crack fronts, predicted from 3D finite-element simulation.


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